Does This Video Reveal The Identity Of Negan’s Victim On The Walking Dead?


Since Sunday night’s fan-dividing season 6 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, viewers have been debating that shocking/shockingly frustrating final scene. In it, we see the debuting Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) use his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, Lucille, to cave in the skull of one the 11 unfortunate Alexandria Safe Zoners captured by the Saviors.

The question is, which one was his victim?

YouTuber Federico Trione reckons he’s sussed it out by slowing down and enhancing the audio of the scene in question. It definitely sounds like Maggie is screaming for Glenn, and in the comics when the poor lad is first struck with Lucille, he does attempt to shout for his wife, which could well be the “Mag..” we hear in the video.

This would seem to contradict what executive producer Greg Nicotero said about none of the actors knowing who the victim was when the scene was shot, but Glenn did meet his end in the comics, so it does make sense that the show would follow suit – even if it hasn’t always in the past.

Tell us, is this video any kind of proof? If not, which one of Rick’s crew do you think Negan murdered on the season finale of The Walking Dead?