Dominic Cooper Will Return For Agent Carter Season 2


Late last week, it was revealed that several Agent Carter cast members were expected to return for the series’ sophomore season, which will take the action from New York City to Hollywood. Chad Michael Murray, Lyndsy Fonseca and Bridget Regan are all in talks to reprise their roles, while Enver Gjokaj and James D’Arcy’s Edwin Jarvis are confirmed to return.

Now, it’s been revealed that Jarvis’ billionaire playboy of an employer will return as well. In a new interview, series star Hayley Atwell has confirmed that Dominic Cooper will reprise his role of Howard Stark when the prequel series makes the jump to Tinsel Town:

“I’ve not started work on it yet, but it’s been written. I do know that, one thing they have decided, is that it’s going to be set a year later. So it’s 1947, it’s going to be set in L.A., and I keep on thinking about L.A. Confidential, that kind of film noir, which would be great.

And I think there will be a new romantic interest, um, and then I think there might also be… Well, there will be, repetition of characters. So Jarvis and Howard will be there with us again. Yeah, we can’t have a show without those guys.”

Because of Cooper’s full schedule – which now includes the lead role in AMC’s Preacher adaptation – Stark likely won’t have a large role in the season. Still, it’s great to hear that Cooper will be back, especially if it means we get to learn more about the infamous Stark patriarch.


Atwell also revealed that the series will pick up one year after the events of the first season, in 1947, and that though Peggy’s romantic life played second fiddle to espionage last time around, that may very well change now that some time has passed since Steve Rogers’ apparent death:

“I think [another romance] would have felt too soon, and I think it would have undermined the relationship she had with Captain America. So I think it’s right she spends a bit of time grieving, and that adds complexities to the situation with Daniel Sousa and with other possible love interests, which make it even more interesting. And I think, also, we’re establishing who she is and where her place is in the world of the S.S.R., so to make it too romantic, I think, is too obvious, and too cliched a choice. I think she’s got a lot more, before we start to delve into her romantic life. And I think season 2 will… I think she’ll get some action, it’s about time [laughs].”

Agent Carter will return this fall or in early 2016.

Source: Den of Geek