Agent Carter Comic-Con Poster Sends Peggy To Tinsel Town; New Details Emerge For Season 2

Agent Carter

Before the sophomore season whisks the titular spy off to the west coast, Marvel has unveiled the stylized Comic-Con poster for season 2 of Agent Carter, which features Peggy alongside her partner in crime, Edwin Jarvis. James D’Arcy returns to the fray to play the butler to one Howard Stark, and will accompany Miss. Carter who heads for Tinsel Town under orders from the SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve).

News comes via Entertainment Weekly, who spoke with Executive Producer Michele Fazekas about the upcoming season, and how the change of location will affect the tone of Marvel’s acclaimed series.

“There’s a case that goes beyond what the LAPD or normal local police would be able to handle that falls into their purview. In Los Angeles, you have the spectacular wealth, glamour and beauty right next to the grit and crime—often right up against each other. We’re very much being inspired by Noir films.”

Beyond the LA backdrop, it looks likely that the dynamic between Peggy and Jarvis will serve as one of – if not the – biggest relationships in the upcoming season, as the pair look to tackle crime in a post-war Hollywood.

“We have a nice organic way to infuse Jarvis. That was always the challenge. He’s not an agent. The case for the first season is over, so the biggest question for us this season was: We love Peggy and Jarvis together, that’s a really important relationship, how do we keep them together? LA has provided us a really nice, organic way to do so.”

From what we understand, Chad Michael Murray, Lyndsy Fonesca and Bridget Regan are all in talks to reprise their respective roles in Agent Carter season 2, and EW claims that all deals are primed to be finalized soon.

Agent Carter will see out titular heroine crack Hollywood when Marvel and ABC’s crime drama returns in the fall – though it could be as late as January, 2016 before Peggy makes her anticipated return. Until then, check out the Comic-Con poster below and let us know if you’re looking forward to seeing Marvel’s sleuth make a triumphant return.