Doom Patrol May Be The Next DC Universe Show To Be Cancelled


DC Universe once promised to be a huge new platform for the, er, DC universe, but the latest reports suggest the streaming site might be about to wind down already.

As you’ve no doubt heard, the James Wan-produced Swamp Thing seemed like the next big show on the superhero TV scene, but was cancelled last week just days after its first episode aired. Now, one source is claiming that Doom Patrol may be up for the chop as well.

The Geek Worldwide’s Thomas Polito shared on Twitter earlier today that the second live-action original series on the streaming service could be “next on the chopping block.” However, he gave fans a grain of hope by pointing out that “no decision has been made yet.”

Initially, the cancellation of Swamp Thing – which will air the rest of its ten-episode season – was said to be a financial decision, as an expected tax rebate fell through, meaning the production cost a lot more than anticipated. While that’s likely still a major factor, it’s also since come to light that the future of DC Universe is in doubt following the AT&T acquisition of Time Warner and their own plans to create a WarnerMedia streaming service.

If there’s truth to the fact that Doom Patrol could meet the same fate as Ol’ Swampie, it would only make sense if it’s due to corporate reasons. Otherwise, the show has proven to be a big hit. We don’t have access to viewing figures, but DP has earned itself an ardent fanbase online and has been widely-praised as one of the most inventive, entertaining comic book TV series around. No doubt those fans furious over Swamp Thing ending will be in uproar if DP is cancelled as well.

As for Titans, We Got This Covered has heard that it might continue on past its currently-filming second season, while Stargirl is also on the way. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the Doom Patrol situation though as more comes in.