WB Reportedly Plans To Shut Down DC Universe, Only Titans May Survive


And just like that, Swamp Thing‘s days are now numbered. Which is a real shame, seeing how the horror-infused DC show impressed fans the world over with its pilot episode.

Warner Bros. dropped the bombshell last week, explaining that budgetary issues and a rough production were mostly what killed off any hope of a second season ever materializing. It’s a pity, really, as Swamp Thing was a great new addition to the DC Universe streaming service, which is now seemingly on the verge of being shut down completely, as WarnerMedia continues to develop a central platform to rival Disney Plus.

Sources close to We Got This Covered have informed us that despite the company’s statement last week that DC Universe is here to stay, Warner Bros. is indeed planning to cancel it in the near future, with the goal being to blend it into their aforementioned central streaming site. As for the shows currently on the platform, we’re hearing that Titans is likely safe, but the fate of the rest is unknown.

All that being said, we still expect the remainder of Young Justice: Outsiders to air this summer, in addition to Stargirl and Harley Quinn arriving before the year is up. Titans season 2, meanwhile, will likely be with us in early 2020, but beyond that, the future of DC Universe and its stable of series is unclear.

And it’ll likely stay that way for a while, as it’s not like Warner Bros. is going to come out and announce they’re shutting down the platform when there’s still a considerable amount of content on the way. As we said above, though, our source tells us that the streaming service’s days are numbered and frankly, we have every reason to believe them given that it hasn’t really taken off like WB no doubt hoped it would.