4-Minute Long Doom Patrol Trailer Teases The Big Premiere


DC Universe’s next live-action TV series is coming to the streaming service this Friday in the form of Doom Patrol. As you surely know, it follows a bunch of disparate superhumans – most of whom we previously met on Titans – who see their powers as curses more than gifts. And now, this new 4-minute trailer gives us a great taste of the gleefully weird, kooky tone of the show and its eclectic cast of characters.

So, who are the Doom Patrol? Well, first we have Clifford Steele/Robotman – as voiced by Brendan Fraser and played in the flesh by Jake Michaels – a former race car driver rebuilt in a mechanical body after an accident. April Bowlby, meanwhile, is Rita Farr/Elasti-Woman, a former 50s movie star whose skin turned elastic after she was infected with toxic gas. Then you have Matt Bomer, who voices – while Matthew Zuk performs – Larry Trainor/Negative Man, an Invisible Man-esque former pilot.

Finally, the members of the team who didn’t appear on Titans are Diane Guerrero’s Kay Challis/Crazy Jane, a woman with 64 super-powered personalities, and Joivan Wade as Victor Stone/Cyborg, the most famous DC character in the line-up.

The Professor X, if you will, of the Doom Patrol is Dr. Niles Caulder. He was previously played by Bruno Bichir on Titans but former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton is taking over the part for the spinoff series. Alan Tudyk, meanwhile, is also on board to play Mr. Nobody, a dangerous supervillain that this unlikely bunch of heroes will have to foil.

All in all, the footage above makes for an exciting trailer as it seems to promise that Doom Patrol will perfectly translate what makes the team work so well on the page. Its more faithful approach should also please those who felt that Titans‘ R-rated antics veered too far away from the teenage heroes of the source material. Reviews have been kind so far as well and we’ll get to see for ourselves just what all the fuss is about when the first episode lands on DC Universe on Friday, February 15th.