Stranger Things Creators Tease Exciting Guest Stars In Season 4

Stranger Things

It’s pretty safe to say Stranger Things is Netflix’s most popular show. The fanbase seems to increase with each season and a driving factor in that level of interest is the nostalgia factor. Set in the ‘80s, Stranger Things invokes that classic Amblin Entertainment sensibility of a group of friends in a small town going on extraordinary adventures that involve strange occurrences and a shady government.

And because of the time period, the creators of the show, the Duffer Brothers, have been able to cast a number of notable ‘80s figures in pretty significant parts. Besides Winona Ryder being a regular, notable guest appearances have included Paul Reiser, Matthew Modine, Sean Astin and Cary Elwes.

But who can we expect for season 4? While speaking with Deadline recently, the Duffer Brothers hinted that there would be a couple of familiar additions to the season. They didn’t name names, but they did invoke the word “icon” when talking about them.

“We have a couple of cool ones this year. It’s a really fun way to meet one of your icons. You know, write a part for them and see if they want to do it.”

After a somewhat lackluster second season, the show returned to form in season 3 with a number of thrilling set pieces, Starcourt Mall and a cliffhanger that saw our favorite grumpy town sheriff, Hopper (David Harbour), alive and in a Russian prison.

Stranger Things isn’t a complicated piece of entertainment. It’s just a fun throwback show to simpler times. The Duffer Brothers have a plan in place for how it will eventually end, but as for right now, interest in the residents of Hawkins, Indiana remains at an all-time high and we can’t wait to see which cameos occur in the next run.