Early Draft Of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Brexit Drama Leaks Online

Benedict Cumberbatch

There’s been an unexpected hiccup in the development of Brexit – and we’re not talking about the resignation of former Brexit secretary, David Davis.

Instead, we draw your attention to the one-off standalone series starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, Avengers: Infinity War). It’s already deep into production, but as award-winning screenwriter James Graham revealed late last week, a very early draft of the show’s script has been stolen and is currently doing the rounds online.

Social media sites like Reddit and Twitter (h/t Metro) have already gained access to the documents in question, which shed light on Cumberbatch’s role as Dominic Cummings, the leading strategist and Campaign Director of Vote Leave.

However, as Graham so rightly points out, the script circulating on the Internet isn’t indicative of the final product, as it’s not the one being used by director Toby Haynes (Black Mirror).

Channel 4 is yet to divulge any firm details regarding Brexit, which really illustrates just how early on in the creative process this limited series is. No release date has been set and, barring one or two leaked set photos of an unrecognizable Benedict Cumberbatch, there’s been nary a mention of the political drama in any official capacity.

Be that as it may, we can tell you that Brexit has been pitched as a one-off drama series that’s set to explore the behind-the-scenes goings-on of Brexit, the inescapable term given to the impending withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

It also stars Skyfall‘s Rory Kinnear as Craig Oliver, the then-Prime Minister David Cameron’s Director of Communications, and John Heffernan of The Crown. He’ll be playing Matthew Elliott, political lobbyist and Chief Executive of Vote Leave.