Electrifying New Poster For Season 2 Of The Flash

The Flash

Grant Gustin has Tweeted out a brand new poster (seen below) for the highly anticipated second season of The Flash this week. It’s hard to say for sure what exactly is going on though; has Barry lost control of the Speed Force, or could this electrifying poster have something to do with Earth-2? Time will tell.

While the first season of The Flash dealt with meta-humans, the second will shake things up by focusing on bad guys who hail from Earth-2, an alternate reality Barry Allen inadvertently created a doorway to when he opened up that singularity in the finale.

Earth-2 is also where the show’s new big bad Zoom hails from, and he’s a character whose identity is being kept a secret for the time being (he’s Hunter Zolomon in the comics, but there may be some sort of twist in the show according to its producers). For now, he’ll be voiced by Tony Todd.


The introduction of this second Earth (which is part of the DC’s Multiverse) means that we’ll also be meeting Jay Garrick, a Flash from another world, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how the series uses this plot device to change the status quo of The Flash moving forwards. Could the concept of alternate realities lead to that rumoured crossover with Supergirl?

The Flash returns to The CW on October 6th with “The Man Who Saved Central City.”

The Flash Poster