Elizabeth Olsen didn’t expect any award nominations for ‘WandaVision’


The Disney Plus era of the MCU couldn’t have kicked off with a loftier high last year than with WandaVision, which managed to wow both critics and fans. The sitcom/superhero surrealist masterpiece even earned itself some major recognition at the Emmys, breaking through the glass ceiling that usually prevents comic book productions getting mainstream awards attention in the process.

After seeing just how phenomenally popular and just plain good it was, it was no surprise to fans that WandaVision landed so many Emmy nominations (a whopping 23 in total). But it came as much more of a shock to series lead Elizabeth Olsen — who herself got an Outstanding Lead nomination, as did co-star Paul Bettany, for her work as Wanda Maximoff in the miniseries.

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week to hype up her return in Doctor Strange 2, Olsen reflected on all the Emmy buzz surrounding WV and explained that the highlight of the ceremony for her was just the chance to come together with the show’s cast and crew. As she put it:

“I mean, it was very surprising. No one does a Marvel job and thinks that you’re going to get nominated for something. But, we did! And we actually got to celebrate together for the first time at the Emmys. Because we wrapped during COVID. I wish that everyone was together. Like, department heads and everything. But, it was special to be there and celebrate our show among really serious things.”

While Olsen’s right that Marvel actors don’t do what they do to snag awards, she’s obviously being pretty humble here as her portrayal of the grief-stricken witch, who goes from perfect sitcom wife to all-powerful sorceress across the nine episodes, definitely deserved the kudos it brought her. Though Wanda’s always had her fans, it was her own vehicle that turned her into a major MCU favorite, which is why her comeback in the Doctor Strange sequel is one of the most anticipated things about it.

Catch Olsen in action — in what critics are calling another terrific performance — in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness this weekend.