Elizabeth Olsen Says Scarlet Witch Is An MCU Criminal After WandaVision


During the events of WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch kept an entire town hostage while she played house with Vision. And while the show seemed to suggest that she got away with it at the end, the repercussions of these actions might haunt her for some time yet.

As one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe, Wanda Maximoff is becoming increasingly important to the narrative of the MCU as a whole. This is especially true after the events of WandaVision, which gave her a sense of depth that the movies couldn’t quite manage due to their limited runtime. Scarlet Witch is set to return as a main character in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, too, and if you just can’t wait to see the continuation of her story, then Olsen’s new interview might be able to quench your thirst.

The actress appeared on the latest episode of Vanity Fair’s Little Gold Men podcast and discussed what the actions of the character meant for her future in the MCU, saying:

“Like, she just did something that makes her a criminal. So, in my mind, the next step in her life is this new sense of identity, of knowing the acts that she committed and her own accountability of it.”

In fairness, this isn’t the first time that the character has committed a crime, and Olsen further revealed what really went down at the end of the series and why Scarlet Witch will be on the run the next time we see her, adding:

“All these big trucks are coming in and all these military men and women are coming into assess the situation, and she flies away. Like, she needs to escape, or she’s going to get in trouble, and she doesn’t wanna get in trouble. And so she went away with her grief and her shame and is now… I didn’t think of her as… I don’t think of her being in that home in the tag, she is at peace but she now, for the rest of her life, hiding.”

Apparently, and as the actress explained, the project was developed from the very beginning as a limited miniseries, so while the story of the superheroine will certainly continue throughout Phase 4 and even beyond, we shouldn’t expect a sequel for the time being. That being said, MCU boss Kevin Feige has recently assured fans that the tale of WandaVision will carry on in some form.