Kevin Feige Promises WandaVision’s Story Will Continue


Marvel Studios made a triumphant television debut at the beginning of the year with WandaVision, a rare show that managed both widespread acclaim and huge online interest. While we’ve been treated to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki since then, with additional MCU series on the way, fans really want to know whether we’ll be getting more from Scarlet Witch and her android husband’s unusual home life.

Star Elizabeth Olsen recently said that she thinks new episodes are unlikely, but she’s not ruling it out. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, meanwhile, has now given his own response to what’s next for the couple, and it’s maybe slightly more encouraging. Speaking at the virtual Paleyfest today, Feige was asked by an audience member if he envisions a continuation of WandaVision or “an evolution” of its storyline elsewhere.

Without outright denying that a season 2 could happen, the exec replied that he instead sees the story evolving in various ways in future MCU projects. “Yes to an evolution of storyline; probably and inevitably in many different capacities” he said. He then reiterated that Wanda Maximoff will next be seen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and went on to tease that the heroine could come back after that, too.

“That’s the first place where that story will continue but there will be other places,” Feige said.

Paul Bettany has previously admitted that he heavily suspects that he’ll be asked back to play White Vision in some subsequent Marvel production, following Vision’s double flying off to who-knows-where in the WV finale. That same episode also suggested the real Vision could be resurrected again, too, maybe giving him and Wanda a happier ending next time. Though Wanda’s probably going to have to go through some more trauma in Doctor Strange 2 first.

It would be hard to redo the sitcom weirdness of WandaVision a second time, so you can see why a sophomore season is unlikely. At least Feige has assured us that the couple’s arc isn’t done in the MCU, though.