New Elseworlds Photo Confirms Bane Exists In The Arrowverse


While we’ve seen that the Monitor, John Deegan and a black-suited Superman (possibly Superman Prime) will serve as the antagonists in the upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover, we’ll no doubt be treated to a variety of Easter eggs pertaining to other DC villains once we get the chance to visit Gotham City.

From the look of it, Cassandra Jean Amell’s Nora Fries will be our gateway to discovery. Aside from likely dropping hints to her onscreen husband, Victor Fries AKA Mr. Freeze, it appears as though she’ll browse some shelves in Arkham Asylum containing trinkets belonging to classic Batman villains.

In fact, at least one memento from a familiar brute was confirmed in the latest gallery of images promoting the three-night event, that being Bane. Seen below, Nora can be glimpsed checking out the mercenary’s mask – and the one sported by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises, no less.

Of course, the producers could’ve just gone with a luchador mask, but I’m glad they were able to get their hands on the one from Christopher Nolan’s flick. In my view, that particular piece of headgear was much more distinct and iconic than something worn by countless pro wrestlers obscuring their identities.

To be clear, this is no guarantee of Bane showing up in the Arrowverse down the line, but you never know which villains will appear on the prospective Batwoman series as it’ll premiere long after Gotham finishes its run. At first, I toyed with the idea that we could retrofit The Dark Knight Trilogy into this continuity (Batman has been missing for three years, don’t forget), but that wouldn’t work due to conflicting versions of Ra’s al Ghul and Talia. Regardless, we can rest assured both incarnations of Bane have similar taste in fashion.

Elseworlds” begins on Sunday, December 9 with The Flash, continues on Monday, December 10 with Arrow, and wraps up on Tuesday, December 11 with Supergirl.