First Look At Mr. Freeze’s Wife Nora Fries In Elseworlds


There are so many notable DC characters set to feature in December’s Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds” that it’s hard to keep track of them all. For instance, something that might have slipped your mind is that Nora Fries is due to show up, as played by Arrow star Stephen Amell’s real-life wife Cassandra Jean Amell.

This week, the fan favorite actor shared our first look at Nora in the crossover, and in the process, revealed that this portrayal of Mr. Freeze’s wife will differ in one major way: she won’t be stuck in an ice cube for once. In the photo below, the character’s seen inspecting what looks to be the freeze gun frequently used by her ice-cold husband, going by the label “V. Fries” underneath it.

As Batman fans will know, Nora is typically at the center of Victor Fries’ tragic descent into villainy. After she’s diagnosed with a fatal disease, he cryogenically freezes her and devotes himself to finding a cure. When he suffers his accident, he turns to crime to fund his experiments. As such, Nora is not usually seen up and about, though she did appear in Gotham as the show depicted Freeze’s origins.

In “Elseworlds,” though, Mr. Freeze is clearly already a notorious supervillain if his weapon is on display. So something’s definitely not right with Nora being unfrozen. Perhaps her awakening is part of the reality shifts caused by Jeremy Davies’ crazed Arkham Asylum doctor John Deegan. The main one is, of course, that he switches the Flash and Green Arrow’s identities.

The three-night crossover marks the first time the Arrowverse has been able to dive into the Batman mythos and it’s definitely not starting at the shallow end. Ruby Rose’s Batwoman is making her debut, much of it will be set in Gotham City and, as one of the promos has teased, the Joker himself looks to be appearing in some form.

Elseworlds” kicks off on The CW with The Flash on Sunday, December 9th and we simply can’t wait to see what other surprises it has in store for us.