Is The Joker About To Make His Arrowverse Debut In Elseworlds?


Elseworlds,” the big upcoming Arrowverse crossover, is going to be stuffed full of almost too many iconic DC characters and elements to count. As well as The CW’s trinity of Green Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl, you’ve also got Superman, Lois Lane, the Kent farm, Superman’s black suit, John Wesley Shipp’s 90s Flash, Gotham City itself, the Monitor… and, just maybe, the Clown Prince of Crime himself.

In the latest Batwoman-centric promo for the three-night event, one exciting shot sees a bunch of lunatic criminals doing what they do best – breaking out of Arkham Asylum. At the head of the pack? Someone with what looks to be bright green hair and pink overalls. Just to complete the image, a kooky cackling is heard over the scene. Yes, it’s obvious what impression is trying to be made here: that’s the Joker, folks.

Interestingly, we’ve discussed this possibility before, when Stephen Amell joked on Twitter that a director told him to laugh “less hysterically” during one scene of the crossover. Though we highly doubt this is the actor in the screenshot below, it seems that his tweet did put us on the right track, after all.

While that is almost definitely the Joker in this scene from the promo, we don’t expect Batsy’s nemesis to show up elsewhere in “Elseworlds.” If even Gotham can’t properly introduce him, then we doubt that the Arrowverse would get the go-ahead from Warner Bros. to make use of the villain, especially when they’re busy with the Joker origins movie. Still, even if this is the entirety of Mr. J’s involvement in the crossover, that’s cool enough.

Back when we got Harley Quinn cameoing in an Arrow season 2 deleted scene, we never thought we’d end up having a similar moment with the Joker in this universe. Let alone a Bat-family hero like Batwoman about to get her own spinoff series.

First, though, she’ll make her grand debut when “Elseworlds” kicks off next month on Sunday, December 9th.