Joaquin Phoenix Outruns The Gotham City PD In New Joker Set Pics


With much of the upcoming Joker movie being filmed out in the open across New York, fans are sure getting a lot of opportunities to piece together the events of this Todd Phillips-helmed flick. Back in early October, for example, an assortment of set material suggested a sequence in which the Clown Prince of Crime stirs up trouble on the subway, sets an angry mob on Thomas Wayne, and then casually strolls away from the chaos while enjoying a celebratory smoke. In this latest batch of pics, however, Arthur Fleck seems in a much bigger hurry to flee the scene.

The new photos come courtesy of Just Jared, and show Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker attire darting though the Bronx in an effort to escape two Gotham City police detectives, played by Shea Whigham and Bill Camp. The chase scene reportedly features a moment where Phoenix’s stunt double is hit by a taxi, though from the looks of things, Arthur still manages to give his pursuers the slip and revert back to casual wear.

Funnily enough, this won’t be the only moment in next year’s release where the Joker is on the receiving end of a collision, with previous set pics showing the character sprawled on the hood of a battered police car and probably in serious need of medical attention. And speaking of police, it seems that the fuzz eventually catch up to this rising villain, with yet another batch of images showing Phoenix sitting in the back of a cop car and looking pretty happy to be there.

We’ll see why the Gotham City PD is so keen to nail Arthur Fleck when Joker hits theaters on October 4th, 2019.