The Arrowverse Heroes Visit Gotham City In New Elseworlds Set Pics


We never did get that much-discussed Arrow/Gotham crossover, but the upcoming Arrowverse event “Elseworlds” will give us the next best thing. At last, Batman’s hometown will debut on The CW, as Ruby Rose’s Batwoman will be introduced in the three-night crossover, which means we’ll get to see the likes of Green Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl visit Gotham City.

As we already learned, production moved from Vancouver to Chicago to film the scenes set in Gotham – the same locaiton used in The Dark Knight trilogy, no less – and in these new pics below, stars Stephen Amell, Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist are seen shooting outside a building that’s doubling up as the Gotham City police station. The trio are seen talking with what appears to be a GCPD cop, but sadly, it doesn’t look to be Ben McKenzie’s Jim Gordon.

Fans are actually optimistically hoping that the heroes are talking to Bruce Wayne here. And as awesome as that would be, we’re pretty sure that’s not the case. It’s unlikely something as big as an appearance by Batman himself would have gone ahead without it leaking out and besides, the Caped Crusader’s already being split between both Gotham and Titans at the moment.

However, that’s not to say there won’t be other exciting DC cameos in “Elseworlds.” Far from it, in fact. Tyler Hoechlin returns as not just Superman, but a black-suited evil version as well, and Elizabeth Tulloch’s joining as Lois Lane. Then there’s the Monitor, Arkham doctor John Deegan (possibly Doctor Destiny), Nora Fries and maybe even a couple of familiar faces making shocking returns.

“Elseworlds” unites three out of four Arrowverse shows – Arrow, The Flash and Supergirlwith Legends of Tomorrow sitting this one out – and kicks off on The CW the week beginning Monday, December 9th.