Superman Attacks The Flash In Arrowverse Crossover Photo


For years now, the Arrowverse has been working hard to flesh out the Multiverse. In fact, last year’s crossover event, “Crisis on Earth-X,” really took things to new heights in that regard. But now that we know of how this fall’s offering has been dubbed “Elseworlds,” we’re expecting to see a wealth of new storytelling possibilities open up.

To briefly recap, the hugely anticipated event will introduce Ruby Rose as BatwomanGrant Gustin and Stephen Amell will trade places as the Flash and Green ArrowTyler Hoechlin is set to don a black Superman costume, and all signs point toward Doctor Destiny being the main villain. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

And if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve got a brand new set photo today which unites almost all the heroes as we see Supes attacking the Flash. He’s in that aforementioned black suit, too, and though the context of the scene in question is unclear, it’s definitely got us excited to find out what’s going on here. Especially since there seems to be two Supermen.

Of course, aside from the heroes you’ll see above, we also know that John Wesley Shipp will don his classic 1990s Flash costume and get in on the action as well. How he’ll factor into things remains just as hazy as most of the other puzzle pieces we’ve been getting, but as more and more trickles out, our anticipation only continues to heighten.

And thankfully, our hunger will soon be satisfied, as “Elseworlds” unites the Arrowverse the week starting December 9th and you can be sure that this is one event you won’t want to miss out on.