Two Flashes Unite In New Elseworlds Crossover Photo


This year’s annual Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds” looks set to be full of fan-pleasing guest appearances and cameos. We thought there couldn’t be anything to top the reappearance of Superman (complete with black suit and a return to a classic Smallville location) or the debut of Ruby Rose’s Batwoman, but the folks at The CW may have pulled it off. And that’s because John Wesley Shipp is returning in the event, and he’ll don the classic Flash suit he wore in the 1990s TV show.

This was revealed to us via our first official look at the crossover yesterdayArrow star Stephen Amell – who’s been a gift to fans on Twitter as he’s been sharing quite a bit about the event – has followed that up now with a behind- the-scenes shot of him and Shipp. The awesome thing is that both of them are in their Flash costumes, with Amell captioning the pic: “Who says you should never meet your heroes?”

“Wait, what?” I hear you ask, “why is Amell in the Flash costume, he’s the Green Arrow!” Well, for “Elseworlds” only, Amell and Grant Gustin will be swapping characters, with the former playing the Scarlet Speedster and Gustin trying his hand at portraying the brooding Emerald Archer of Star City. The first poster for the crossover dropped the bombshell, teasing that reality will be altered somehow with its tagline, “Destiny will be rewritten.”

As such, we have the unlikely sight of two Flashes teaming up, and none of them are Grant Gustin. As cool as it is to see these two Arrowverse heroes together, though, we do hope that Gustin gets a chance to stand alongside Shipp in the Flash costume. They’re TV’s two generations of the character, so it would really mean something to the fans.