Former Arrow Star Might Return For Elseworlds Crossover


When we first heard that Legends of Tomorrow was sitting out this year’s Arrowverse crossover, some were worried that it would mean the event would be lacking in the superhero department. Well, we can now safely say that’s not the case, as numerous faces both new and familiar will be featured in the crossover, which is titled “Elseworlds.” There’s Ruby Rose’s Bawoman, two versions of Superman, the debut of Lois Lane and a certain DC TV icon from the 1990s.

What’s more, Arrow star Stephen Amell is teasing that another face from the franchise’s past will be returning for “Elseworlds.” If you follow him on social media, you’ll have seen that he shared a photo of himself on Twitter yesterday alongside Colin Donnell AKA Tommy Merlyn, Oliver Queen’s best friend who was a regular on Arrow back in season 1 until the character’s untimely death.

You can check out the actor’s image below:

Now, obviously Amell doesn’t spell out for us that Donnell’s appearing as Merlyn in the crossover, but it’s clear that this snap was taken on the “Elseworlds” set, as Stephen’s dressed in the Flash suit which he’ll wear in the event, as he and Grant Gustin will be swapping roles for one time only. His use of a couple of “mind blown” emojis also hint that he’s revealing something big to us here.

That said, Jensen Ackles recently visited the set and it’s been confirmed that, no, the Supernatural star is not going to appear in “Elseworlds.” So maybe Donnell was likewise just checking in on his old pals? However, it’s worth pointing out that the actor was in last year’s crossover as the Earth-X version of Tommy, Prometheus-X. Could they repeat the trick this year and use the reality-warping storyline to get the former Arrow star back for another cameo?

We’ll find out when “Elseworlds” airs on The CW on the week beginning Sunday, December 9th.