DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow Will Have Its Own Crossover This Season


This December, the annual Arrowverse crossover will run across three nights, uniting the casts of ArrowThe Flash and Supergirl for an adventure that will take them to Gotham City and introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman. Oh, and Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane will also drop by. Plus, the title “Elseworlds” suggests that things will get pretty multiversal.

Given all that, it’s understandable that the event won’t find room to factor in Legends of Tomorrowas has previously been revealed. However, on the week that “Elseworlds” airs, the time-traveling show will have its own crossover to keep up the theme. Showrunner Keto Shimizu told TV Line that Legends will be “crossing over with ourselves” instead.

Star Caity Lotz, who plays Sara Lance, added: “That particular episode is insane […] I think they wanted to do something special since we weren’t going to be doing the [‘Elseworlds’] crossovers.” The actress then went on to tease that we’ll be seeing “a lot of different sides of the Legends” in this installment.

So, it sounds like episode 9 of season 4 will see the crew of the Waverider bump into themselves via the gift of time travel. That seems like it’ll make for an entertaining high-concept adventure, though it must have been a pain to film. In fact, Tala Ashe – who plays Zari – said as much to TV Line: “I’ll just say it’s a lot of work for the people who are in those scenes! It’s fun.”

As for “Elseworlds,” we’ve just learned that it’ll feature the unlikely twist that Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin will swap roles – check out the awesome poster above which sees Amell as the Flash and Gustin as Green Arrow. What’s more, Superman will go and do something the DCEU never gave us and don the iconic black suit. Exactly why he’s wearing that, we don’t know right now, but we can’t wait to find out.

The week of crossovers – whether “Elseworlds” or Legends of Tomorrow‘s own personal one – kicks off on December 9th.