Emotional ‘Loki’ scene inspired by Tom Cruise’s ‘Minority Report’

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If you watched the Marvel/Disney+ series Loki then you know there are more than a couple of fantastic moments in the series. Loki’s scene on the planet Lamentis train where he sings a beautiful Asgardian song is certainly memorable, or Loki’s classic variant taking on Alioth, sacrificing his life whilst shouting “Glorious purpose!” was certainly impactful. But it has been revealed that one particularly emotional scene was actually inspired by the Tom Cruise film Minority Report.

Loki director Kate Herron has discussed how she came to be the director of the award-winning series, discussing the 280 slide PowerPoint display she took to Marvel to convince them to hire her. Herron had visuals, music choices, casting ideas, and production design plans. She also had one idea that deviated a little from the script and eventually made it in the series. This idea revolved around the Time Theater, the room Loki was taken to by Mobius to watch the “true timeline” of Loki’s life and eventual death at the hands of Thanos. This scene was exceptionally emotional to watch, and Tom Hiddleston’s performance was magnificent as he watches in sadness, laughter, and eventual horror at his alternate life, the choices he made, and the consequences of his actions.

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Speaking in an interview with Gold Derby, Herron discussed this moment in the show saying, “I was really inspired by Minority Report and in that Tom Cruise sees a projection of his wife and she’s basically a life-sized 3D projection.” The scene in question see’s Tom Cruise’s character, Chief John Anderton, watching projected memories of his wife and child, both of whom he has lost, the latter who went missing and was never found and the former having left after this event. We see Anderton’s face as he watches these memories, allowing the audience to see how he is feeling in that immediate moment he watches. Herron continued,

“I was like, ‘This is what we should do with the Time Theater because then we can stay in the room with Loki as he sees these memories play out,’ and because we have an amazing actor like Tom Hiddleston, you want to put the camera up close and see our Loki’s reaction because on the one hand as an MCU fan who’s seen what he’s seeing already, it’s so fascinating seeing a character react to what you’ve seen and have similar reactions to you. But also even if you aren’t as familiar with the films, I just think there was something so emotional that connected you to him in that moment when he does see those memories play out.”

Originally the script did not include this; instead, the scene was going to have cuts to the footage of his other life. But the version Herron presented worked wonderfully, allowing the audience to watch as Loki takes in what could have been his life, his failures and redemption, and, eventually, his death. It really is a beautiful bit of acting and a wonderful way to tell this moment.

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