Endgame Trends For Two Reasons, Confusing Marvel Fans

Marvel fans are taking to social media to discuss everything Spider-Man: No Way Home tonight as the highly-anticipated new trailer for the film was finally released. The movie is slated to hit theaters next month, so fans have been anxious about the trailer’s release.

Of course, several trends on Twitter tonight focused on Spider-Man, but Marvel fans were confused when they saw “Endgame” trending. Initially, it was to be expected that the trend would coincide with No Way Home — perhaps discussing Spider-Man’s role in the Avengers: Endgame or comparing storylines. That conclusion made perfect sense as both films are within the MCU realm, and Spider-Man lost a lot in Endgame.

Could fans be talking about more losses for our favorite web-slinging hero? Could it be an anticipatory reaction to fans loving the film as much as Endgame? It’s possible.

However, it was soon discovered that #endgame was trending for a different reason entirely. That’s right — while the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer release was a huge pop culture moment, another series aired the first episode of its sixth season, and fans were talking about couples from the series.

So what show got endgame trending, and what couples were they talking about? Let’s have a look.

The series in question was Riverdale, which aired as Rivervale for season six, and fans were thrilled to find out that #Barchie is endgame. Barchie is the pair between Betty and Archie on Riverdale, and while there are lines drawn between viewers who want Betty with either Archie or Jughead, it looks like the ultimate decision was finally made.

It was destiny for Archie and Betty to end up together. It was always going to be them.

Another couple fans are rooting for in terms of “being endgame” is Choni. Cheryl and Toni’s love story has been one with obstacles and ups and downs, but the love they have for each other has never ceased.

Cheryl and Toni seem destined to find each other too — no matter what.

As we said before, there were several opinions about couples within the Riverdale realm, and there are certainly people willing to go down with their ship; but fans have been waiting for these couples to start getting it right and living out their happily ever afters. Here’s hoping this is another step on that journey.

What do you think about that endgame trend? Did you assume it was Marvel-related because of the Spider-Man trailer release? Let’s talk about it.