Entertainment One Planning Racy Fantasy Nymphs, Based On Finnish Series


If the rather definitive conclusion of Spartacus: War of the Damned left you craving levels of sex and ultraviolence that no other premium cable series has been able to attain, Entertainment One may have you covered. The corporation has acquired format rights to the racy Finnish fantasy series Nymphs and is planning to make a U.S. version. On board for the task is none other than Spartacus: Blood and Sand scribe Miranda Kwok.

Originally titled Nymfit in Finland, the series is described by Deadline both as a “coming-of-age drama” and “a modern-day take on the ancient Greek myths about nymphs and satyrs.” Nymphs centers on a “beautiful, young, free-spirited woman who reaches her sexual maturity only to discover that she is a Nymph, a supernatural being that is being hunted and enslaved by a devastating race of Satyrs.” After learning her true identity, the woman decides to fight the natural order and take on the Satyrs, only to find that her enemies are powerful and numerous.

You can check out the trailer for the original Finnish series, which plays like a more than slightly cheesy mash-up of Lost Girl and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, below. The U.S. take has just been put into development, so don’t expect to see it until 2016 earliest, but eOne is planning to target cable and online outlets for Nymphs.

Based on the above description and the below trailer, would you be interested to see the series, or does its premise sound too familiar to enjoy? Let us know!