Entourage Season 8-05 ‘Motherf*cker’ Recap

After narrowly passing his drug test on the last episode of Entourage, Vince is back on the scene trying to improve his image with a major interview for Vanity Fair. He is very happy to see that Sophia Lear, the reporter interviewing him, is extremely attractive.

Naturally, Vince likes his odds and puts the full court press on her without giving her any real answers when she asks him some very personal questions. As good as his game is, the reporter doesn’t go for it and she leaves Vince wanting more.

Elsewhere, Johnny continues to struggle with his new partnership with Jamie Kennedy. The actor is driving him nuts and Drama even goes as far as considering offering part of his salary to Dice in order to get him back on the show. When he heads over to his house though, Johnny still cannot convince the aggressive comedian to come back.

Meanwhile, E gets thrown another monkey wrench when Sloan’s ex mother in law Melinda wants him to represent her. This is obviously a situation that he does not want to be in, but continues with nonetheless

Ari has another unfortunate spousal moment when his wife hears he is still working closely with Dana Gordon. She brings the kids to Ari’s office as it’s his turn to spend the day with them. Instead of going to Disneyland though like he promised, Ari tries to get work done which involves Dana, who cannot seem to handle this strange personal/work relationship she currently has with him.

Vinny ends up trying to get a second interview with the reporter by promising to be candid in his answers, which he follows up on. He gives her her some good information on why he is the way he is, bringing a little depth to his character in the process.

But, he follows an enlightening moment with a continued quest to land Sophia in his bed. Unfortunately she does not share his feelings, or at least that’s what she says. Sophia tells him that she does not want to compromise her work, which leads Vince to tell Turtle that he’s in love with her.

Ari has to deal with another, no surprise, ice cold reprimanding by his wife, who continues the bad news by letting him know that she wants to file for divorce. This leads Ari to go on a bender, checking into a hotel and inevitably getting back in contact with a previously irate Dana, who is changing her tune and considering staying with Ari to see how things works out.

We end the episode with E having a few libations with Melinda, who in her inebriated state, hits on him, which he does not refuse. Unfortunately, E takes this bait and sleeps with, some may say, the last person in the world he should have. Sloan is immediately on the case, impressively calling him about five minutes after intercourse and questioning him about Melinda. Looks like E has gotten himself into a major pickle.

Overall, this was a slow starting episode that ended with some interesting twists, particularly E’s bonehead move and Vince’s new love interest. Speaking of the movie star, Vinnie seems to be doing really well and hopefully we’ll see him rise back to stardom shortly, which is something fans are undoubtedly waiting for.

Other than that, we continue to see Ari in uncomfortable situations and a continuing possibility of a meaningful relationship with everyone’s favorite studio head, Dana Gordon.

As for E, he has definitely made his return to Sloan a lot more difficult, but this is what the middle of the season is for, right? Or is it?

This was a relatively engaging episode which made the current storylines a bit more interesting but didn’t really progress anything a whole lot. Turtle was ignored and Drama’s storyline seems to be going nowhere. And what about Vince, when are we going to see him back on set, making movies?

Considering we’re over the halfway mark, things need to get going and pick up a bit. Wouldn’t you say?

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