Entourage Season 7-05 ‘Bottoms Up’ Recap

Another week and another Entourage episode. Filled with enough cameos for a whole season, Bottoms Up is yet another great episode in what is turning out to be a very solid season. Sasha Grey, Stan Lee, Jessica Simpson, Mike Tyson, Bob Saget and Aaron Sorkin all made cameos in last night’s episode and they were all pretty enjoyable to watch.

This week’s episode had a couple interesting things going on. As the episode starts, the boys are already back from Vegas, which is kind of a shame because I would have liked to seen the episode revolve around their Vegas trip. Nevertheless, as the episode starts off, Vinnie is hanging out with his new girl, porn star Sasha Grey, who is apparently joining the cast for the next few episodes. While she seems sweet enough, she isn’t exactly a great influence on Vince.

Vince has a meeting with Stan Lee and he brings Sasha along which kind of makes things awkward. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of this issue either. I think Sasha’s going to hurt Vinnie’s career in some way before the season is up. Vince may have to end up choosing between her and his career.

Turtle spends the episode trying to get Vince to do the tequila gig. E initially rejects the idea but Turtle ends up going behind his back and asks Vince directly. Of course the new carefree Vince says yes and Turtle is thrilled. I’m still not sure if this is such a good idea. I have a feeling the whole tequila business is not going to turn out well. The whole thing seems sketchy and I don’t think Vince should have jumped into it that quickly.

Drama continues to face disappointment after he learns that Stamos showed the script to Bob Saget. We find out that Saget is interested in the role and wants to do the show. This of course sends Drama into apeshit mode and he goes over to Saget’s house to confront him. It’s a great scene and showcases the crazy side of Drama which we haven’t seen in a while.

The Ari/Lizzie storyline is heating up which is to no surprise and now that Amanda has snagged Lizzie, the two of them are going to make Ari’s life a living hell. It was nice to see Amanda back on the show, I didn’t expect the writers to bring her back.

The episode had a lot of great moments and was a very strong episode overall. Saget, as usual, was great in his cameo and I’m really liking where the Ari/Lizzie storyline is going. Are Amanda and Lizze going to be able to do any serious damage to Ari’s career?

The awkward scene between E and Sloan experimenting in bed was pretty funny and Sloan had a great line when she turned to E and said “you look like I feel”. Great line to end the episode.

Apparently Billy Walsh returns next episode, can’t wait for that! I also hope that the conflict between Ari and Amanda/Lizzie escalates. Hopefully we’ll see Ari act like he did in season five when he went head to head with Adam Davies. That material provided for some of the best Ari scenes and in a season where Ari hasn’t had any great material so far, he needs some good scenes.

Check back next week for our review of episode six, ‘Hair’.