Ethan Hawke teases Egyptian gods in ‘Moon Knight’

While the character has been a cult favorite among comic book aficionados ever since making his first appearance in 1975, Disney Plus series Moon Knight will see fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe getting themselves acquainted with one of the most interesting protagonists the franchise has ever seen.

A former member of the Marine Corps, an underground boxer and CIA operative suffering from dissociative identity disorder, Marc Spector stumbled upon the Egyptian moon god Khonshu after being abandoned and left for dead in the Sudanese desert, where he was carried into a tomb and restored to full health by the deity, with some added superheroic perks thrown in for good measure.

There’s no word on how closely Moon Knight plans to stick to the established backstory, but the sizzle reel that aired during Disney Plus Day was more than enough to indicate that we could be looking at the darkest, dingiest and craziest streaming exclusive yet.

Ethan Hawke is on board as a villain that’s yet to be officially named, but during an interview with Variety he revealed that he’d asked his Marvel-supporting son about the occasions “he needed to know the backstory about this god or this character”, so it sounds as though Moon Knight will be retaining a great deal of its mythological connections.