‘Euphoria’ star Colman Domingo addresses rumors of toxic environment on set

Image via HBO

‘Euphoria’ star Colman Domingo has refuted the recent claims of “toxicity” on the set of the hit HBO series.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the rumors, he shared his experience regarding the conditions on set:

“Every single time I’ve been on that set there’s so much care, so much love, so much creative energy. […] If anything, I’ve had the utmost care […] I feel like there’s ultimate consideration. I don’t know where these words are coming from, but I think that with anything good, you’re always going to get some backlash, and so you have to be prepared for it.”

Domingo made the remarks during the Film Independent Spirit Awards on March 6, where he was nominated in the category of Best Supporting Male for his performance in the critically lauded black comedy crime film Zola

Also in attendance was consultant Jeremy O. Harris, co-producer of Euphoria Season 2, who also received a nomination for his screenplay in Zola. He echoed Domingos sentiments about the rumors and went on to discuss some of the factors he thinks might be driving criticism against the show:

“Things that are seemingly about young black women, queer people, people don’t see those getting huge numbers or huge awards attention. When they do, they have to find some hole to pick in them. I think that’s something that’s happening with a show that had 20 million views and is the most popular since Game of Thrones. There are no dragons here. It’s just a young black girl trying to struggle with addiction. I think people are trying to figure out what must be wrong to make this thing run the way it has.”

The runaway hit television series has received severe backlash since multiple reports have highlighted the alleged below-par working conditions on the set. The Daily Beast has also published many reports quoting multiple sources that claim that ‘Euphoria’ is a “toxic production” riddled with “messy behind the scenes drama.” HBO has also addressed the claims in a statement, defending that the well-being of the cast and crew on all the productions under the channel is “always a top priority.”