Here’s Every Hero Who Was In That Elseworlds Prologue Scene


Last night’s episode of Supergirl took a leaf out of Marvel’s book and ended with a post-credits tease that set up what’s to come.

As you no doubt know, next Sunday sees the start of the annual Arrowverse crossover, titled “Elseworlds,” which will feature our heroes caught up in another multi-dimensional adventure, and this one looks to be darker – and more exciting – than any we’ve previously seen.

The “Elseworlds” tease we mentioned above opened on a title card revealing that the unfolding scene took place on Earth-90. We pan across a battlefield strewn with the corpses of familiar heroes, anti-heroes and villains. The only one left alive is John Wesley Shipp’s Flash, from the 1990s TV show. He comes face to face with The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) who holds some kind of powerful book which emits a dangerous-looking energy. As he opens it and unleashes whatever’s inside, the Scarlet Speedster barely gets away with his life.

This definitely gives us some story clues about “Elseworlds,” but most of all we’re just stoked at all those heroes who were featured in the scene. Some of them are easily spotted while others take a couple of replays to make out, but here’s a list of every one of Earth-90’s fallen heroes, courtesy of the folks at

  • Stargirl – Courtney Whitmore’s star-spangled costume and discarded Cosmic Staff make her easily-noticeable.
  • Brainiac-5 – This one’s tough to make out but, given that all the heroes featured are familiar Arrowverse faces, this white-haired individual is probably Earth-90’s Brainy.
  • Huntress – Helen Bertinelli’s love of domino masks and black threads makes her recognizable across the multiverse.
  • Firestorm – The same goes for the yellow and red Firestorm. It’s difficult to tell whether this is Earth-90’s Ronnie Raymond or Jefferson Jackson, though.
  • 90s Captain Cold – Kudos to for spotting this one. The bleached hair does look a lot like the 1990s version of the character though, renamed Leonard Wynters.
  • Jesse Quick – A female speedster in a red costume is glimpsed.
  • The Ray – Rey Terril’s golden helmet is seen discarded.
  • Hawkman – We can briefly see Carter Hall, who appears to have had his wings mangled.
  • Hawkgirl – Kendra Saunders’ helmet is seen nearby Carter’s corpse.
  • Captain/Citizen Cold: The more familiar version of Snart – or maybe it’s his heroic alter ego? – also appears with his distinctive furred hood.
  • Green Arrow – Last but not least, Earth-90s Green Arrow looks to go to the same tailor as Justin Hartley’s version as he’s wearing the Emerald Archer’s Smallville costume!

Obviously, this tease has only got us even more hyped for “Elseworlds” than we were before and we simply can’t wait for the crossover to kick off with The Flash on The CW this Sunday, December 9th.