Lucasfilm Wants To Expand The World Of Solo: A Star Wars Story On Disney Plus


Solo: A Star Wars Story may not have been successful enough to warrant a cinematic sequel, but the advent of Disney Plus has given Lucasfilm a whole new outlet upon which to expand the franchise. There’s been talk for months about various things based on the movie being in the works, but the latest word narrows this down to the focus being on Lando Calrissian.

Star Wars Unity’s Jeremy Conrad notes that he’s received information this week which lines up with what he reported back in September, that being that the studio is working on a Solo-related TV series. While Conrad personally believes the Crimson Dawn crime syndicate, secretly run by Darth Maul, will be further explored in the show, he notes that his sources point to Lucasfilm being very keen to work with Donald Glover again as young Lando. In fact, if they’re able to get the actor to return, it’s very possible that he’ll get his own Disney Plus series.

Of course, this gels with news that We Got This Covered has previously brought you, as we told you back in the summer that there was a lot of interest in doing more with Lando on the streaming service. It’s interesting that Conrad’s report is unable to confirm if Glover will return, though, as this fits in with what we reported earlier today, about the actor being hesitant to come back to the franchise after Solo didn’t go down too well. As Lucasfilm is so determined to do a Lando show, though, they could potentially recast the role if Glover doesn’t want to do it. But who knows what will ultimately happen?

With or without the Atlanta star, though, it’s looking like the story of Solo will definitely be continued on Disney Plus. Glover’s a hugely busy guy, of course, but if they manage to convince him to return, then it seems the first option is to do more with Lando. Whether we’ll see more of Alden Ehrenreich, however, is much more uncertain at this stage.