Exclusive Interview: Adrien Brody Talks Stephen King Adaptation Chapelwaite


Big screen veteran Adrien Brody straddles the divide between character actor and leading man, applying himself to a plethora of projects which have garnered him global acclaim. He has been nominated innumerable times and won an Oscar in 1992 for his performance in The Pianist.

Over more than thirty years, he has collaborated with Terence Malick, M Night Shyamalan, and Woody Allen, among others. However, despite the esteemed company, he has formed the longest working relationship with Wes Anderson by far. Having appeared in no less than five of his eleven features, only Bill Murray and Owen Wilson have clocked up more mileage with the writer-director.

Equally at home on television or on film, there is a scope and range to his work which makes him one of the most versatile actors working today. Having appeared in Peaky Blinders and headlined mini-series Houdini, he has been instrumental in making things happen. His latest is no exception, as the actor has come on board to executive produce Chapelwaite, an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story Jerusalem’s Lot.


Taking center stage as widower Charle Boone, Adrien Brody brings his full range of skills to bare, providing this series with the foundation it requires. One part gothic horror, one part period drama, and with more than a little darkness thrown in, Chapelwaite proves to be a solid adaptation. Over the course of his time talking with Martin Carr, he opens up about those themes in more depth. Not only illustrating his passion for the projects he engages with, but demonstrating beyond doubt, why he remains one of the most interesting actors of his generation.

Chapelwaite streams on Epix from August 22nd.