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Weather Wizard

They say that a hero is only as good as his villain, and this year on The Flash, Barry Allen will truly be put to the test when he faces off with several members of his diverse rogues gallery. Many of the Rogues have already been announced to appear on the show, from Captain Cold to Heat Wave, as well as Captain Boomerang, Girder, the Pied Piper and even Gorilla Grodd.

First out the gate, however, is Mark Mardon, the supervillain known as Weather Wizard. As his name would suggest, Weather Wizard can control the weather and gave the Flash quite the challenge in the series opener. A formidable opponent and a fun foe to watch on screen, Weather Wizard was the first one to show Barry Allen that he wasn’t the only one given powerful abilities after the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion.

Chad Rook, who’s appeared on such TV series as Alcatraz, Supernatural, Sanctuary, Cult, and Bates Motel, and even dabbles in writing and directing, plays Mardon on The FlashOr, more accurately, he plays Clyde Mardon, the brother of the comic book version of Weather Wizard.

With Weather Wizard’s name on the list of Rogues slated to raise hell in Central City this season, many fans have been wondering about how the character fits into the proceedings, especially after the events of the pilot episode. Luckily, I was given the chance to speak with Rook and asked him not only that very question, but about the process he went through to land on the highly-anticipated series, his history with comics, his influences, and, of course, whether or not we’d see him suit up as the true Weather Wizard at some point.

Check out the exclusive interview below, and enjoy!

WGTC: First off, let me just say that I absolutely loved the Flash pilot. The energy, the cast, and the execution were just electric and spot on. What do you think of the series, and what was it like being in the pilot episode? I’m sure it must have been quite the experience being on the set of a DC property, especially one as popular and beloved as the Flash.

Chad Rook: The experience was beyond that of any other set. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of playing a lot of villains in various TV shows. Playing a super villain, when I myself am a huge comic book fan, is the absolute best role I could ever ask for. To have the ability to control the weather, as my character does in “The Flash,” is literally me getting to live out a childhood dream, and have superpowers. What else could I possibly ask for in a role? One of the main reasons I started acting was so that I could be creative and use my imagination while doing some amazing things with amazing people. Doing this kind of role takes those reasons to its limits and beyond.

Being the first villain in this series really allows me to set the bar and not have to live up to any expectations. Having a blank slate and setting the bar for other actors is not only a challenge, but a challenge that I openly accept, and you bet your ass I plan on setting the bar VERY high.

WGTC: What was the audition process like for the show?

Chad Rook: It was a very taxing and long audition process. I actually had seven auditions for the role. Two of which were actually for Barry Allen and Eddie Thawne. But when I got the audition to play Clyde Mardon (a.k.a. the Weather Wizard), I really stepped out of the box and tried to create something very unique. Thank God that David Nutter and Andrew Kreisberg understood what I was doing with the character, and they gave me a shot. The result is what I believe fans really want to see and deserve… a kick ass, unique villain that will for sure raise some hell in Central City.

WGTC: Are you a comic book fan, and a fan of the Flash? How did you feel when you heard you landed the role of Weather Wizard?

Chad Rook: I am a huge comic book fan, however, I never really followed the Flash comics as a kid. I was always a Batman guy. So when I got the role of the Weather Wizard I immediately started looking in to the storylines, the origins, and with every book I read, my excitement grew as I very soon realized how big the Flash actually was. I was blown away (no pun intended).

WGTC: We know that the Rogues will be a prominent focus of the first season, and that your character will be a part of that. At the end of the pilot, your character gets shot, but your fate was left open-ended. Did you know that going in, or was the Rogue announcement news to you as well?

Chad Rook: I definitely knew what was coming in the pilot, however, when they announced that the Weather Wizard would be returning and that the Rogues would be a huge part of the Flash series (which it should be), I was very excited. After all, you can’t really have the Rogues with only a portion of the Rogues. Now whether or not we see the same version or not… well… you’ll have to keep watching.

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