Weather Wizard And Professor Zoom Confirmed For The Flash

Weather Wizard Zoom

This won’t be the most earth-shattering report to come out of San Diego Comic-Con, because we already knew that these characters would appear on the upcoming CW series The Flash, but confirmation has come through that Flash villains Weather Wizard and Professor Zoom (also known as Reverse-Flash) will be a recurring part of the show’s first season.

Weather Wizard (played by Chad Rook) is the main villain in the show’s pilot episode, but has a very minor role, serving as more of a plot device than anything, so it will be cool to see him reappear at some point throughout the season. When Prison Break alum Wentworth Miller was cast as Captain Cold last week we heard that he’d be bringing the villain team The Rouges along with him, so it’s safe to assume that Weather Wizard will be a part of that.

As far as Professor Zoom goes, we speculated that Rick Cosnett – who plays star police officer Eddie Thawne – would show up in the yellow and red spandex at some point, and now that appears to be the case. The show-runners remained cagey about Reverse-Flash’s arrival and overall role in the show, as he’s likely one of the series’ over-arching villains who ties into the death of Barry Allen’s mother.

So, as I said, this isn’t huge news for The Flash, but it’s still cool to see the series add more villains to its roster. Weather Wizard and Professor Zoom won’t be alone in giving the scarlet speedster hell this fall, as we’ve already learned that characters like Plastique, Killer Frost, and Gorilla Grodd will appear on the show as well.

The Flash debuts on The CW on Tuesday, October 7th.