Expect Legends Of Tomorrow Season 3’s Villains To Have Much Depth


Right now, it’s not entirely clear as to whom the big bad(s) for Legends of Tomorrow season 3 might be, but we do know that the Waverider crew are going to need to have some flesh and blood antagonists to battle when they’re not repairing time. Previously, Vandal Savage gave the team headaches in season 1, with the Legion of Doom – the Reverse-Flash, Captain Cold, Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk – following his act in season 2.

Actually, we already know that both Captain Cold and Damien Darhk will be returning in some capacity this year, but taking into account that both are dead in the present day, it stands to reason that we may see them plucked from some other point in the time stream.

When it comes to Darhk specifically, executive producer Phil Klemmer let ComicBook.com know that we’ll be seeing a more no-nonsense version of the character than previously offered:

“You know he was kind of glib and a lighter version of himself last season. We want to give him some real teeth and a real sort of sinister presence, and then we want to slowly build out his dark alliance and again, it would be great if we could take people and creatures from Flash and Arrow.”

Legends of Tomorrow

Moving on to the new kid on the block (or at least new to those of you who haven’t seen the Vixen web series), it was recently confirmed that Kuasa, sister to the Mari McCabe version of Vixen, will be making her series debut. No doubt making for some interesting interactions with her grandmother, Amaya, she may prove to be one of the most personal villains yet offered, as Klemmer had this to add:

“We saw the Kuasa, characters that have a personal impact on our guys. That Amaya thought she had this destiny to fulfill, this season she’ll learn that her destiny wasn’t just pure, ‘I will have a granddaughter who will become Vixen.’ The idea is always mixed. And the idea that her lineage will also, that there will be a line of evil through her family.

“You want bad guys who have enriched our characters’ story personally, as opposed to just two-dimensional ‘I’m a bad guy who wants to rule the world.’ Our show is frothy, and it’s always personal.”

While we don’t know how either Darhk or Kuasa will be a part of the grand scheme, it should be intriguing to see if an even greater threat is on the way, or if another villain team-up is in the cards as Klemmer hinted at. If so, the producers must play it carefully, lest they rehash the Legion of Doom.

Legends of  Tomorrow returns for its third season on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW.