The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Set Pic Reveals The New Captain America


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will introduce a new Captain America into the MCU – and no, it’s not Sam Wilson. As previous set photos have revealed, the U.S. Government won’t approve of Steve Rogers’ own choice for his replacement and will instead appoint their own second Sentinel of Liberty in the form of John Walker, as played by Wyatt Russell (son of Ego himself, Kurt Russell). And the latest snap from the set further confirms that there’s a new Cap in town.

The Atlanta_Filming Instagram account has shared the following image taken from the shoot in Atlanta, Georgia which captures a couple of propaganda posters issued by the United States Army promoting the idea that John Walker is the official new Captain America. The two posters showcase Walker in the full costume and helmet, complete with the vibranium shield. The slogan reads: “JOHN WALKER – CAP IS BACK.”

The Disney Plus show will be drawing closely from the comics in this way, then, as Walker was likewise the government’s pick to replace Rogers when he retired from his mantle. In the source material, it soon becomes clear, however, that Walker has a very different morality from his predecessor and is more of a fan of “the end justifies the means” kind of thinking. He eventually gets a new alias that he’s more commonly known by: U.S. Agent.

Reported story details point to another alternate version of Cap being introduced in the series, too. It’s said that Sam will encounter Isaiah Bradley, possibly played by Carl Lumbly, who’s revealed as an African-American man who the government originally tested the Super-Soldier serum on before Rogers, technically making him the first Captain America. It’s said that learning Isiah’s story will make Sam understand that he has every right to be the next Cap, inspiring him to reclaim the mantle from Walker in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.