Familiar Faces Return In These Shocking New Images From Next Week’s The Flash


Based on what we’ve seen of the Speed Force in the past, these are probably just physical manifestations of the power which will help (or hinder) the Flash’s attempts to rescue his friend. Despite that, it should still be interesting to see how he responds to the three dead men here.

For more on what to expect from this episode of The Flash – titled “Into the Speed Force” – here’s the official synopsis:

Desperate to stop Savitar and save his friends, Barry (Grant Gustin) turns to the speed force for answers. H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) gives Jesse (guest star Violett Beane) some advice. Gregory Smith directed the episode written by Brooke Roberts & Judalina Neira.

Jay Garrick can also be seen in the photos above, though it’s not clear whether he’s real or possibly just a more helpful part of the Speed Force. With Savitar on the loose, Barry can’t afford to spend too much time there, but he’s going to have to give it his all to get to Wally with so many obstacles in his way.

“Into the Speed Force” is set to air next Tuesday – will you be tuning in? Let us know in the usual place.

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