It’s A Family Affair In First Teaser For HBO’s Togetherness


The brainchild of quirky indie brothers, Jay and Mark Duplass, Togetherness marks the siblings’ first foray into the small screen format. Their typical output has consisted mainly of full-length features, honing in on the details of their characters and evoking believable responses to the crazy situations they’re often thrown into. The proud home of stellar home entertainment, HBO, will now be launching the brothers’ career into an entirely new direction. To get a quick glimpse at what’s in store, HBO has dropped the first teaser trailer. Clocking in at a mere 40 seconds, it’s enough to get this writer excited for the 2015 TV landscape.

After receiving the greenlight for a pilot back in 2012, it’s taken time for the series to come to fruition, but now the first eight episodes of the half-hour dramedy have wrapped. Enlisting a cast of fellow indie gems (Melanie Lynskey, Amanda Peet, Steve Zissis, Abby Ryder Forston and Mark Duplass himself), the story broaches the age-old topic of familial relations. In particular, this tale will follow two sisters – presumably Lynskey and Peet – who find themselves living under the same roof along with their respective partners. It’s a concept that might not sound all that unique, but with the Duplass duo at the helm, it’s sure to be a worthwhile venture.

The Duplass’s flare for absolutely spot-on dialogue was a key element to their 2010 dramedy, Cyrus. What could have been a run of the mill flick was so much more because characters behaved how normal people do! Which, isn’t something we the audience are used to. So folks, be prepared for a different type of serial television experience next January, when Togetherness debuts after the Girls season premiere on January 11th at 9:30pm.