The Mandalorian Just Brought Back A Fan Favorite Character

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian reached the third episode of its second season today, and it delivered something that fans have been waiting for. Namely, a popular character from the Star Wars universe was brought back to our screens for their live-action debut. Nope, it’s not Ahsoka Tano, at least not yet. Instead, “Chapter 11: The Heiress” features Katee Sackhoff reprising her role as Bo-Katan Kryze.

The episode sees Frog Lady make good on her promise to point Mando in the direction of some fellow Mandalorians and the result is that he ends up on a ship – as in the old fashioned kind – on the planet Trask. However, he’s soon betrayed by the cutthroat crew who try to feed Baby Yoda to a sea creature. Thankfully, help arrives in the form of Bo-Katan and her companions (including Sasha Banks – yes, that’s who she’s playing).

Though she immediately offends Din Djarin by removing her helmet – referencing that Mandalorian plot hole fans have been debating for the past year – the two agree that they need each other. The remainder of the episode then becomes a hijack/heist narrative as Mando assists Bo-Katan with stealing some weapons from an Imperial ship in return for information on where he can find the Jedi. We ultimately discover that Bo-Katan is after the darksaber as well, now owned by Moff Gideon (who returns this week, too).

“Chapter 11” is probably the first episode of the usually very accessible Mandalorian that’ll have casual fans playing catch up, but for those who are well-versed in Clone Wars and Rebels, it’s thrilling to see Sackhoff reprise her role as Kryze in live-action, as well as the bridging of the gap between the storylines of those shows and this one – like how Gideon got the darksaber from her and how she removes her helmet and Djarin doesn’t.

And this is just the start of The Mandalorian exploring the wider SW universe. Be sure to catch episode 4 next week on Disney Plus to see where it goes from here.