These Fan-Favorite Villains Will Be Back When Supergirl Returns Next Year


Supergirl has something of a villain problem. Season 1’s big bad (Kara’s aunt) was hugely underwhelming, and while Cadmus has fared a little better, there’s a lot the show could learn from Arrow and The Flash. However, it now appears as if we can expect to see some improvement as two of the Girl of Steel’s past foes look set to return next year.

We’re talking about are Metallo (Frederick Schmidt) and Livewire (Brit Morgan). The former has already made a couple of appearances in Supergirl; first, she targeted Cat Grant, but the electrically charged villain later teamed up with Silver Banshee to battle Kara and Earth-1’s Flash after he inadvertently ended up on her world.

Metallo, on the other hand, appeared in the first two episodes of season 2 where he could be seen squaring off with both Supergirl and her cousin Superman. One of the Man of Steel’s most well-known foes, there’s a lot which could be done with the Kryptponite powered villain, so the fact that he’s coming back is well worth getting excited about. Fleshing out characters like this is a smart move for Supergirl, and it’s a strategy which has paid off for The CW’s other DC TV shows.

Interestingly, executive producer Ali Adler has also confirmed that we should expect to see other “fan-favourite” villains return next year, so expect plenty of familiar faces to show up in Supergirl in 2017.