Fan makes a striking Joker-inspired ‘Peacemaker’ poster

Image via HBO Max/Marvel Studios

Peacemaker has a lot of merits from production design to storytelling chops that make it stand out from the rest of the superhero back catalogue on television, but perhaps none of those elements would’ve quite landed without John Cena’s amazing performance as the titular character.

The character of Christopher Smith is admittedly a little rough around the edges, but the fact that most audiences have grown to love him after his antagonistic role in The Suicide Squad speaks volumes about what creator James Gunn has accomplished in terms of characterization and narrative depth.

Of course, we still don’t know where Peacemaker will go from here or how his story ends with the final two episodes of season one, but the director has assured fans that the return of the TV series for another run is highly likely. That’ll no doubt put Peacemaker among one of the greatest superheroes to come out of the DC’s foray into the live-action domain, whether we’re talking about the DCEU or the shared cinematic universe that’s set in an alternate timeline.

To commemorate, a fan has recently drawn a character poster inspired by 2019’s Joker film poster that features the iconic villain coming down a flight of stairs. Only this time, we have John Cena’s Peacemaker with his iconic pose:

It’s still a little early to talk about what the future holds for Peacemaker and its peculiar anti-hero, but so far as fan reception is concerned, it’s safe to say that DC should keep the character around for as long as they can.

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