‘Peacemaker’ season two has a ‘really good chance,’ says James Gunn

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James Gunn is confident that Peacemaker could get a second season. When the spinoff show for John Cena’s ultra-violent pacifist was first announced, DC fans were skeptical about it ⏤ even more so after seeing The Suicide Squad, in which Peacemaker committed some unforgivable sins. Now that the series is here, though, folks are loving it and Cena’s Chris Smith has become an unlikely fan favorite.

Gunn has previously teased that another Peacemaker season could be in the cards, but now the writer/director has all but confirmed that it’s going to happen. While chatting with Deadline, Gunn revealed that season two has a “really good chance” of getting the green light. The only problem is the filmmaker’s own very busy schedule.

“There’s a really good chance of that… We’re the biggest show in the world right now,” Gunn said. “The show is doing extraordinarily well, and we’re excited, we all like doing it, we just need to cross some ‘T’s’ and dot some ‘I’s, which is basically me.”

After much delay, Gunn is currently shooting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 for Marvel and will be filming the upcoming Disney Plus one-off The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special at the same time. As he’s gone from The Suicide Squad to Peacemaker to Guardians 3 back-to-back, Gunn has admitted that he needs a well-earned rest before he dives into another project. So that’s likely part of the logistical issue that’s holding up season two.

Gunn’s claim that Peacemaker is “the biggest show in the world right now” might sound like hyperbole, but it’s actually a fact. Online analytics have determined that the HBO Max original is the most in-demand series on streaming at the moment, beating out stiff competition from Disney Plus (The Book of Boba Fett) and Netflix (The Witcher). The WarnerMedia platform is bound to be overjoyed with its performance, then, so execs will no doubt be keen for Gunn to do more.

Peacemaker just dropped its fifth episode, which featured an intense cliffhanger, today. Next week brings episode six, which we’ve been told might just be the best one of the season.

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