Fans Are Begging Netflix To Keep This Show Set To Leave In November

Glee has been coming up a lot recently even though the show officially ended back in 2015. There’s been talks of reboots and hard arguments against them, as well as Tik Tok’s fear of Matthew Morrison. It seems like a lot of people binged the show during quarantine and there are now more Gleeks (a glee geek or the name for fans of the show) than ever.

Netflix recently announced what shows are leaving the streaming service next month, and Glee is one of them. Hardcore Gleeks and hate watchers alike are rallying together to try and keep the show on Netflix. And that’s what you missed on Glee!

Gleeks have taken to Twitter to show their love (or love/hate) for the Fox show, and some of their tweets are really good!

They’re upset to see one of their favorite shows leave, however, it’s reminding people just how popular Glee was and apparently still is. Many users are coming out as Gleeks, and it would be no surprise if Ryan Murphy jumped on this chance to reboot the show.

What do you think about Glee leaving Netflix? Is the world healing or is it only going to get worse now that the show is leaving the streaming platform? Let us know your thoughts about Glee and even the potential reboot down in the comments!