Fans Are Debating If One What If…? Character’s Death Is An Absolute Point In Time

Marvel What If
Image via Marvel

What If…? is by far one of the most inventive and creative series from Marvel in quite some time. The wide array of story possibilities presented by the show has opened up a lot of potential fan theories.

In Episode 4 — “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?” — Dr. Strange learns about absolute points in time. These are moments in time that no matter what is done, the outcome is unable to change. While Christine’s death is one of those points, one Redditor pointed out that there may be another one hidden in the series. His theory is that because Tony Stark dies in every episode he is featured in, his death is one such point in time.

However, it seems most other Marvel fans disagree with the idea, citing various pieces of evidence.

Despite the concept being mostly debunked, some did consider the fact that it might be more of a Nexus Event than a true absolute point in time. Do you think Tony Stark’s death in What If…? is an absolute point in time? Tell us in the comments!