Fans Are Still Wondering Who Ethan Hawke Plays In Moon Knight

Ethan Hawke

On November 12 – Disney Plus day – we should get our first official look at Moon Knight. This will see Star Wars and Dune star Oscar Isaac making his MCU debut as Marc Spector/Moon Knight, one of the weirder and darker Marvel heroes. He’s set to be facing off against a character played by Ethan Hawke, though right now all we know is that he’s basing his character on Waco leader David Koresh.

Fans have been busily trading theories, with a top one that he’s playing Morlun. This villain generally battles Spider-Man and is a vampiric immortal, so would be a good match for a hero that primarily works at night. He’s able to drain the life force from his victims by physical contact, and his only real weakness is overconfidence. Thing is, as a Spidey villain, the rights may be owned by Sony, putting him in doubt.

Another candidate is Black Spectre. Two villains have taken this moniker in the Earth-616 universe, though Moon Knight would be more likely to go with the Carson Knowles version. He’s an embittered veteran whose villainous persona is specifically intended as a dark mirror of Moon Knight, with the interesting twist that he’s also a politician and ran for Mayor of New York.

The most fun option is that Hawke has been cast as the MCU’s Count Dracula. Ol’ Vlad has been a mainstay in Marvel Comics for decades, often tangling with the more supernatural-themed heroes. In a fun recent run, he even captured Wolverine in order to feed on his regenerative blood. If this theory proves accurate, fans think Hawke’s Dracula might go on to show up in Blade, which would make for a seriously cool showdown (it’d be better than the last time they met in Blade: Trinity anyway)

Let’s hope we get a trailer soon that clears all this up. Whatever the case, Isaac and Hawke are both unbelievably talented actors, and I can’t wait to see them square off on Disney Plus.

Moon Knight will air on Disney Plus in 2022.