Fans aren’t happy with Miranda’s recent change in ‘And Just Like That’

And Just Like That
Photo credit: And Just Like That/HBO Max

Warning: This article contains spoilers for And Just Like That.

Fans have had a lot to talk about with the return of Sex and the City’s reboot And Just Like That. If you are one of the fans that have yet to watch the return of New York’s most fashionable ladies, there will be some surprises that might be hard for you to absorb.

Warning: Spoilers to follow.

Fans thought they had seen all the shocks that could happen this season, starting with the death of Big by the end of the second episode. The surprises continued with Carrie’s hip surgery, Miranda’s drinking problem, and Charlotte’s non-binary daughter. Yet, in the most recent episode, Miranda ended up doing shots in Carrie’s kitchen with Che, Carrie’s boss, whilst she was asleep after recovering from surgery. After slightly too many drinks, Miranda and Che ended up having sex.

After seeing this transaction between Che and Miranda, fans were left fuming at the writers for having Miranda doing the exact thing that Steve had done in the first film. Most fans were confused as to how Miranda could cheat on Steve after she was so heartbroken when she was on the receiving end of the cheating. Fans have pointed out on a Reddit thread that it seems so out of touch with who Miranda is, while others are defending the character by pointing out that it has been 13 years between the first film and the reboot series, and with a pandemic and faltering careers, Miranda and Steve could have gone through a lot in the time that’s passed.

During the outburst of emotional fans, there were some that offered alternative reasons for Miranda to be acting so out of character, while others offered a potential insight for what the character might be going through, we thought it best to gather the responses of fans that offer the best.

Understandably, fan’s emotions have been high since the return of SatC, with Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie now in their 50s, it seems unfathomable to some that they could change so much from the films when they were in their 40s. While the series is only halfway through, fans will have to wait to see how much more the ladies change before the finale airs in February.

And Just Like That episode 6 streams on 6th January, only on HBO Max.