Fans celebrate the arrival of Marvel’s Defenders Saga on Disney Plus


The perplexing situation surrounding the ownership of some of Marvel’s properties has led to confusion among Marvel fans over the last several years.

The question of where, precisely, viewers can locate and enjoy some of their favorite Marvel properties has only intensified as more and more streaming platforms crop up. For a while, many Marvel favorites were viewable on Netflix. Then Disney Plus launched, and most — but not all — of those favorites shifted to a brand new platform. A few, like the Spider-Man films and Netflix’s collection of Marvel series, remained inaccessible on Disney Plus, requiring Marvel fans to maintain multiple subscriptions if they wanted access to every film and series.

The Defenders Saga, which includes Netflix’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Punisher series, is officially available to stream on Disney Plus. Along with these five series, the single-season Defenders also made the transition to its new streaming platform, putting Disney Plus one step closer to hosting all of the recent Marvel properties. The only films it currently lacks within the set MCU timeline are the Tom Holland Spider-Man films. These are expected to arrive on the platform eventually — reportedly sometime this year — for a four-year streaming window.

Defenders Saga - Disney Plus
Photo via Disney Plus

Until that happens, Disney Plus subscribers will have to make due with Spidey’s animated adventures — and the entirety of the Defenders Saga. The new additions to Disney Plus beef up the platform’s streaming library even more and bring several beloved characters one step closer to debuting in the MCU’s big-screen releases. In order to access the series, Disney Plus subscribers will need to up their content rating to TV-MA, likely due to some of the more mature themes in several of Netflix’s former series.

In the wake of the Defenders Saga’s arrival on Disney Plus, Marvel fans flocked to social media to celebrate the newly granted access.

People, particularly those that neglected to complete the entire saga before its departure from Netflix, were delighted to learn that it found a new home on Disney Plus.

The entirety of the Defenders Saga, along with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, is currently viewable with a Disney Plus subscription. Just make sure to adjust those content ratings.