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Fans debating which is the best MCU series (aside from ‘WandaVision’, obviously)

We all know 'WandaVision' is the best, but what's number two?

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Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios got its Disney Plus content off to a killer start last year with WandaVision — in fact, the surreal superhero sitcom was so acclaimed that none of the TV series that have followed it have managed to match its crossover appeal. That said, all of the MCU shows to hit Disney’s streaming service to date have accumulated devoted fanbases, as the latest Marvel Twitter debate makes clear.

User @keyon got folks talking today by asking everyone for their personal pick for the best MCU show, making sure to rule WandaVision out of the debate so it didn’t become too one-sided.

Just as you’d imagine, the responses were about as wide-ranging as you can get as it seems every fan has their own choice of favorite Marvel show (or, at least, second favorite behind WV). However, the most popular choice, if there was a single one, is probably Moon Knight. Although that’s likely only because it was the most recent addition to the franchise.

For others, the answer is Loki, and it’s not even close.

But The Falcon and the Winter Soldier also has its defenders.

Meanwhile, a surprising amount of people chose Hawkeye, even though they seemed ashamed to share that information in public.

Animated anthology series What If…? maybe didn’t get as many votes as its live-action sister shows, but it still received a handful of shout-outs.

Others campaigned to get Daredevil involved in the conversation, seeing as we know for sure it’s set in the MCU now, following the hero’s Spider-Man cameo.

Depending on whether you’re a “glass half-full or glass half-empty” kind of person, the range of answers coming through in this thread is either evidence that all of Marvel’s shows released so far have a lot of fans or it’s a sign that the studio has failed to deliver something as unifying-ly popular as WandaVision in its wake. We’ll have to see if any of the series on their way can snatch Wanda’s crimson crown. Next up is Ms. Marvel, hitting Disney Plus on June 8, with She-Hulk: Attorney at Law following in August.

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