The Mandalorian Fans Have Figured Out The Identity Of The Ice Planet

The Mandalorian

In its season 2 premiere, The Mandalorian took us to the familiar dunes of Tatooine. The latest episode flipped things, though, finding Mando marooned underground on a frozen ice planet and pursued by a horde of arachnophobia inducing spiders. It was another rollercoaster adventure, with the added pressure of getting a passenger and her eggs to her husband before they both freeze (or before Baby Yoda gobbles them all up). There was a lot to like here, with my personal highlight being seeing New Republic X-Wing pilots as space cops and the incredibly ominous way they locked their S-foils in attack position.

After the credits rolled, though, fans began to wonder about the identity of the ice planet that most of the episode took place on. There are a number of frosty locations in the franchise, after all, with The Empire Strikes Back‘s Hoth the most famous, as well as The Force Awakens‘ Ilum and Rebels‘ Krownest. But we don’t have to theorize any longer, as there’s concrete evidence now in regards to which planet the Razor Crest crashed into.

At one point, we see an image of the ship’s display screens, which show the name of the location in Aurebesh. This was quickly translated as Maldo Kreis, which is the frosty place where we were first introduced to Mando. There, we saw him capturing a fugitive Mythrol, only for his craft to be attacked by a ferocious Ravinak which almost tore his ship apart.

So, Maldo Kreis boasts both gigantic ravenous space walruses and armies of killer spiders (some giant)? I think I’d leave this place off the galactic sightseeing list, even if it does have very nice thermal baths.

No word on where The Mandalorian is off to in the upcoming episode, but if we’ve ticked off desert planet and ice planet, I’m guessing the next logical step is forest planet. We’ll find out this Friday on Disney+.