Fans rave that Florence Pugh’s ‘Hawkeye’ performance really hits the mark

hawkeye yelena
Image via Disney Plus

Florence Pugh stole every scene she was in as Yelena Belova in Black Widow, so it shouldn’t come off as much of a surprise to learn that the British actress is doing the same in Hawkeye.

While the new Disney Plus series was off to a slow start in the first two episodes, things really picked up last week when Natasha’s sister appeared in the series the only way she knew how; by attacking Clint and Kate Bishop as a masked assassin during the episode’s climactic moments.

It’s becoming something of a character trope for Yelena to shoot first and ask questions later, as she did with her sister in Black Widow. Only now, she’s part of a much bigger conspiracy against Clint Barton. Still, as often as Yelena manages to find herself on the wrong side, so far as the whole superheroine business is concerned, people can’t help but adore the character and her hilarious quirks.

Luckily for her fans, Florence had a lot of screentime in today’s episode, “Ronin,” and now, a lot of those fans have taken to Twitter to show their love. Below are some of the things they’ve been sharing online.

For some, just the mere appearance of Pugh as Yelena is enough to get them going, as you can see for yourself:

Others, meanwhile, have come to realize that this is the perfect casting choice for Yelena.

Of course, how can we speak of Yelena without bringing up her natural sense of humor? In this case, a user seems to think that the line “Kate, this is not cutlery” in the latest episode is one of the “funniest lines in the MCU.”

And then, here’s something every Marvel fan can definitely agree on, and that’s that Pugh deserves her own MCU film:

One user also probably pointed out what we were all thinking after watching today’s episode:

While some still mourn Natasha’s death in the MCU timeline, it’s safe to suggest that Pugh’s charismatic portrayal of another Black Widow has already won fans over and filled that void to an extent. And hopefully, we’ll get to see more of her when the Hawkeye finale premieres next week.