‘Hawkeye’ directors tease Yelena Belova’s MCU future

hawkeye yelena
Image via Disney Plus

Tom Holland became the latest high-profile member of the Yelena Belova fan club, after the Spider-Man star revealed he’d love to see Peter Parker share the screen with Black Widow‘s breakout star in a future Marvel Cinematic Universe project.

He’ll have to get in line, though, because there’s going to be a queue of top talent waiting for the chance to work with Florence Pugh, based on how highly everyone’s been speaking of her. The Academy Award nominee finally made her Hawkeye debut last week, and as expected, the internet couldn’t get enough.

Today’s installment will deliver much bigger and better things after her brief cameo served only to whet appetites the world over, and in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hawkeye directors Bert and Bertie addressed what could come next for the instant fan favorite.

“Having Marvel secrets is really fun. If it’s something we want to keep secret from the fans, it means they’re really going to enjoy it, and the reveal of the character has already got people really excited. I genuinely can’t remember if that character comes back, but maybe? Yeah, you already know the answer to that.”

There’s a distinct possibility that Pugh could end up leading her own solo movie after Black Widow director Cate Shortland essentially confirmed that Yelena will be picking up the mantle from Natasha Romanoff. Rumors also continue to swirl about what comes next for the ragtag group of villains and antiheroes being assembled by Julia Loius-Dreyfus’ Val, so the only thing we know if that she’s got a massive part to play in Phase Four, which is more than enough.